Cool Stuff We Love

Buzzy Rocket isn’t just a cool mobile think tank. We’re lovers of the cool. We nerd out for great brands and love the latest technology. Here are just a few of our favorite things (in complete random order because they’re all cool in their own special way). See something you like, ask us about it – we love sharing.
A cabin in Iceland? An apartment that looks at the Eiffel Tower? A beach bungalow on the coast? This is the way I like to travel.
The best business communication tool since AOL AIM!
This photo book is more than a photo book — they’re also a company that’s constantly innovating. Such an easy app – and $8 Instagram photobooks!
The easiest way to send a client a card or gift.
Need to send someone a quick video of how to do something online? Install Loom in your Chrome toolbar and it’s easy as 1,2,3! One of my most favorite and most used online tools!

Because their tagline for their super cool office products is “we are serious about fun.”
Our favorite project management tool. It makes tracking projects almost fun.
Sometimes plan change and you need a hotel somewhere that night. We love this app because it’s super easy to find a quick, nice hotel.
It is our go to place for everything that we never knew we needed or wanted.
Our favorite project management tool. It makes tracking projects almost fun.

A simple way to bring crazy joy to our dogs on a monthly basis.

Looking for something handmade and vintage? Etsy has you covered for all of your creative goods.
Take a road trip like a local and explore new places.
Our go to for fantastic stationary with awesome patterns.
Great shoes with a great cause.

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