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Get Buzzed with Kelly Solomon

At Buzzy Rocket we are lucky to know lots of smart super cool people. We’d like you to get to know them too. In the Get Buzzed series we ask a smart super cool person 10 questions and share their responses.
So let’s Get Buzzed.

Get Buzzed with Kelly Solomon, Head of Digital Marketing, Samsung

Kelly is a strategic leader in defining the future of retail. She has extensive expertise and experience in building direct to consumer eCommerce business models, digital marketing and driving online and offline conversion.

Kelly is currently the Head of Digital Marketing at a Fortune 50 consumer electronics company. Prior to her current position Kelly spent 8 years in digital and e-commerce at L’Oreal and held positions in digital marketing and e-commerce at other top brands.

1. Tell us about your professional responsibilities in layman’s terms.
I manage the end to end e-commerce channel for a Fortune 50 consumer electronics company.           Not sexy but super challenging.

2. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
Solving real customer problems (whether it’s tech issues on site or delivery problems at home or anything in between) is rewarding. This is partly because for every person that reaches out to us with an issue, there’s probably 100 that have a similar issue. Every person who buys our products trusts us and we have an obligation to deliver a seamless, valuable customer experience. And that’s what I love delivering.

3. What is the one mobile device you can’t live without?
I’ll call it a phone but it’s really the computer that fits in my pocket. I use it more to access the internet than to make calls. While I enjoy unplugging on vacation, in my day to day life I can’t live without it.

4. What is the first app you check every day?
Facebook. I have the most friends using it so it gets updated faster and keep me up to update quicker. And I don’t just use it to check on friend’s updates, it’s become my main entry point for making charitable donations. Facebook does a great job of knowing what’s important to me and surfacing appropriate content that I connect to.

5. How do you use mobile in your professional life?
Definitely texting. I probably need to pick up the phone more.

6. How do you use mobile in your personal life?
I have two young kids so I’m always taking pictures and videos of them (my son gets annoyed. my daughter loves it)…checking sports scores with my son and watching surprise egg videos with my daughter.

7. How does mobile impact your business?
It had both advantageous and adverse impacts. I work longer hours because I see the calls come in and know that I should pick it up. I have my work phone on me at all times and often figure I should just answer and work through the situation now rather than put it off. But I can also work from home or remote locations because I have my phone (and computer) with me. We recently had a huge snow storm and rather than try to drive through it. I just worked from home.

8. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I’d fly. Mainly because I’ve had an infrequent yet recurring dream my whole life that I can fly. It feels freeing and empowering and awesome in my dream.

9. What is your most favorite place that you have visited?
Istanbul. Love the colors and smells and architecture and drastically different way of life versus my every day.

10. Is there anything else you would like to share?
I’m lucky – not because I was born that way but because I choose to be. You can choose it too.

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