Shoemaker’s Children
 By Debbie Cline, Co-Founder of Buzzy Rocket

Are you one of the shoemaker’s children? In the old tale, it’s the cobbler’s kids who lack decent footwear. I’ll admit that when it comes to marketing, sometimes I think we’re barefoot. We pour our energies into helping other businesses grow – it’s what we love to do, we’re exceptionally good at it, and it’s why our agency exists. We’re grateful to be busy with awesome clients….but we haven’t worked on our own marketing. 

Sound familiar? 

It can be incredibly hard to find time to work on building your brand when you are so busy working in the day to day of your business – developing and delivering products and services, managing the books, keeping customers happy, and a dozen other things. You think you will get to marketing, after you do the “more critical” things, but it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list. Or even worse, it is done half-assed and with no strategy or consistency.

So what do you do?

Consider your own business your most important client. The below steps may seem obvious, and probably include what you would do for your customers. Now is the time to apply them to your business.

  • Admit that there is a problem
  • Decide if you want to commit to solving the problem
  • Research the options 
  • Lock down goals, budget and plan
  • Hold yourself accountable

Now go get yourself a new pair of shoes!

At Buzzy Rocket we're passionate about supporting startups. Whether you are a client or not, we want to support your vision and your growth. We know first hand how exciting, difficult, fun, and lonely it can be to bring your vision to life. Contact us for more information about how we can support your startup and/or if you want to be considered for the Founder Spotlight Series.

Debbie is co-founder, chief of customer success at Buzzy Rocket and yellow lab lover. From LA to London, she is well known as an expert in creating that certain elusive magic that drives explosive growth at the intersection of companies, customers and mobile. She has proven strategic vision, and isn’t afraid to get in the trenches. In fact, she’s been doing this at companies big and small for 25+ years. Her background includes executive level positions at both public companies and startups where she has proven over and over again that her passion, drive and results oriented perspective get it done. She is tenacious, loves the game changer and loves to win.

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