Gravy (formerly timeRAZOR) is a well-funded startup that dynamically captures real world consumer insights at a local level. Gravy applies unique behavioral knowledge of local events and activities mobile customers attend, quantify their interests and unlock what they do and why they do it, in addition to where they go, and when. Gravy delivers complete customer knowledge and the ability to predict and act on customer intent.


In Gravy’s early stages, the team needed to translate their company strategy into an effective go-to-market execution and accelerate market adoption. Gravy was ready to launch and needed to get on the path from product to press to revenue.


Buzzy Rocket worked with Gravy to develop relationships with select big brands and create high impact high visibility successes. Buzzy Rocket knew the best way for Gravy to create buzz was to show their solution in action. In order to get buzzworthy partnerships Buzzy Rocket worked with large brands in key markets to execute local events. Projects used the Gravy solution to build local awareness and engagement, foot traffic and sales, and track offline results. Efforts also included development of creative assets including infographics, videos, other digital and print materials and development and execution of their social media strategy.


As a result of Buzzy Rocket’s efforts, Gravy had highly successful engagements with big brands including Universal Pictures, Duane Reade, Marriott and L’Oreal. Events were held at Central Park, Yankee Stadium, movie theaters and other venues across the country and amplified through social media. Efforts led to dozens of press releases including Advertising Age, Mobile Marketer, Mashable, Mobile Commerce and others. Increased buzz created increased user engagement and improved brand positioning. Since these efforts, Gravy has continued to grow their business and has raised over $11 million in funding.

“Buzzy Rocket’s strategic vision and ability to execute have helped to strengthen our brand and impact our customer success in short order.”


Carolyn Parent, Chief Experience Officer, Gravy